5 Principals To Help Your Business This Year

January 11, 2016



1) Going the extra mile will win you more business from referrals and keeps your customers coming back. It will help prevent refunds and chargebacks. It will keep your customers feeling happy and satisfied.

2) Track, track and track. Even if you don't directly exchange your time for money. Tracking your time will help you analyze where it's being spent. This in turn will help you invest your time on activities that make you the most money.

3) Have you ever been to Chick-fil-A? Even if you don't like chicken, stop by and pay attention to their customer service. You're always greeted with a smile and every "thank you" is answered by a "My pleasure". They really make you feel like they're glad you visited.

4) Version 1 is better than version none! Many times we tend to be our biggest critics! It's easy to let this keep us from taking action. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day".

5) Educate and share valuable information. As you share with your audience you become their trusted advisor. Writing and maintaining a blog on your website is a great way to reach and stay connected with your current and future customers.

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