A Review of Appsumo

March 9, 2020
Sterling Chase

So as a lover of all things TECH I'm always on the look out for up and coming software (and a good deal) and that is Appsumo in a nutshell.

Appsumos model is one of urgency, deals are only live temporarily and once gone don't often return. I have missed out of more that one software I had wanted because I wasn't aware of the deal time frame. I would suggest heading over to Appsumo.com (<- this is my affiliate link thanks!) and signing up for their newsletter to get notified of upcoming and current deals, I don't regret it!

I would like to cover a couple different aspects of Appsumo, the good and the bad if you will, so you can know a little more about how they operate.

1) Quality Of Software:

Appsumo at its core is really a software launching platform, many of the software are new and are not fully flushed out at time of launch. Part of buying off of Appsumo is being ok with a product that might be a little rough around the edges but will refine and develop over time.

I have purchase many different products and for the most part it has been fun to give feedback and watch the developers improve their software quickly (thanks to the income from running their deals on Appsumo)

I would rate the quality as very good for most software and the value INSANE for many of the deals as they are limited lifetime deals.

2) Appsumo Account Management & Refund Policy:

I have found the account management very slick and their refund policy is extremely generous with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you purchase a software and don't like it, or aren't happy with its progress, just refund and buy something else.

One other note is that Appsumo requires a certain range of things from any company that is going to run a deal on their platform, such as live chat etc. So for the most part support for products purchased on here is stellar.

3) My Favorite Part:

If you anything like me you can get a little tired of the monthly costs piling up for every little software you use, it can really get out of control.

I appreciate the opportunity Appsumo gives to new softwares to make a good chunk of change and to fund further development of their product and we as end users get to help those products grow and get a really good deal at the same time.

If you like to live on the wild side and you want to get some great software deals and like to help tech companies grow their products, head over to Appsumo, create an account and sign up for deal emails!

PS - They recently added a WordPress section with WordPress specific plugin deals!

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