How Can Email Marketing Super Charge Your Business?

March 16, 2015
Sterling Chase

Hey guys Sterling Here, Lets talk a little bit about EMAIL MARKETING. In order to understand the true importance of email marketing and automation we need to understand our sales funnel. Take a look at the diagram below:
[intense_image image="964" size="postFull" align="middle" title="sales-funnel" linkurl_target="_top"]

Now lets touch on each part of the sales funnel.


STEP 1 - Attract

[intense_icon_list_item type="facebook-sign" size="1"]Generating leads is done in various ways. Whether you pay per lead, pay for advertising, or use social media, a fresh lead flow is crucial to every growing business.[/intense_icon_list_item]

STEP 2 - Engage

[intense_icon_list_item type="comments" size="1"]Engaging usually translates into a CALL TO ACTION of sorts. For example "If you fill out my form then you will receive a free instructional video or a downloadable ebook/report". We use these enticing offers to find out if our leads are interested in our products and if they have potential to become customers.[/intense_icon_list_item]

STEP 3 - Nurture

[intense_icon_list_item type="pagelines" size="1"]Not every potential customer is ready to purchase this instant. Some people might simple not have the money right now. Others might still need to grow trust for your company and products before purchasing. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to nurture these potential customers. keeping a constant communication and educating your future customer about your company and your products will increase your conversion and most will eventually become paying customers. One last thing to mention is that email marketing can be automated, meaning after setup it runs its self! [/intense_icon_list_item]

STEP 4 - Invite

[intense_icon_list_item type="shopping-cart" size="1"]Constant invitations to purchase will yield more sales and increases your profits. Email marketing makes inviting your customers to purchase unobtrusive and very attractive. Lets imagine you have a customer named Tina. Tina has visited your site and downloaded a PDF on weight loss tips, but she still has not purchased anything. She receives your weekly email with healthy recipes and comes to appreciate your willingness to share, as well as your consistency. After one month of receiving your emails you send her a special one time offer for 10% off your weight loss shakes. Tina trusts you and decides that it would be a good health investment. (NOTE* we can almost endlessly repeat the nurture and invite steps until conversion.) [/intense_icon_list_item]

STEP 5 - Convert

[intense_icon_list_item type="money" size="1"]She Purchases, you get a new customer and you have the awesome opportunity to sell her other products, continue educating her and build that relationship. When Tina thinks about weight loss products in the future, she will think about YOUR company, and when she speaks with her friends about health she will talk about YOUR company, all thanks to EMAIL MARKETING![/intense_icon_list_item]
At Chasebros Web Development we don't just build beautiful websites, we use automation to help you turn every potential client into a paying customer with with out any day to day work increase on your part. Let us help your business find the software you need and help implement a custom solution that is going to lower your  work load and MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!

Learn How Chasebros can help with your EMAIL MARKETING today!

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