Making GIFs From Videos The Easy Way

March 9, 2016


[intense_spacer type="inline"]Converting video to GIFs is awesome because:

  • You can utilize GIFs in emails to take the place of video. Since videos don't work in emails.
  • They look good on any device, including phones and tablets
  • No code needed
  • Easy and fast to create
  • Can be created from a videos you already have
  • Can spice up your social media posts and website pages

This site has a great free tool for converting video to GIFs. In the video above I walk you through the whole process. It only take a few minutes to do and add so much to your marketing efforts.

Check out our post on Adding GIFs to Your Emails. Let us know if you have any questions.

Below you can see the video on the left and the video converted to a GIF.
[intense_row padding_top="15px"]
[intense_column size="6" medium_size="6" small_size="12" extra_small_size="12"]



[intense_column size="6" medium_size="6" small_size="12" extra_small_size="12"]


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