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August 26, 2016
Sterling Chase

tawk-toHere at ChaseBros we are always looking for ways to improve online businesses. One such tool that has proven extremely important in our own business is live chat.

Whether you are providing support, increasing sales, or just need more insight into what your visitors are doing on your site, live chat can help.

We've found a pretty amazing chat service called and the coolest part's FREE. 100% free. I know you might be thinking well if it's free it's probably not that full featured or it's limited. I'll just squash those doubts right now.

We've used several paid and free chat services and offers as much if not more functionality as many of the paid services out there.

Here are some of the main features that offers:
-Custom Widgets
-Chat History
-Automated Triggers
-Multiple Agents
-Manage Sites
-Custom Pages
-Visitor Monitoring
And I'll add all unlimited and free...yeah it's nuts.


So how can chat better your business?
-Customers love using live chat
-Live chat increases online sales
-Live chat increases customer loyalty
-Live chat is quick and cost effective

In a nutshell live chat rocks and with it's completely free! Setting up is easy but if you need help chat us now!

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